any2any is a digital experience platform passionate about creating better experiences for people to work, stay, and visit.

We translate any technology, any service or any application into Secure Connected Experiences that are fully branded, and measurable.

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any2any is trusted by leaders in brand design, workplace, and security to deliver corporate solutions for their employees, visitors, and customers.

Our Solutions

We offer out-of-the-box solutions based to benefit Real-Estate, Human Resources, Branding, and digitalisation initiatives. All designed to adapt with your business to plug & play new solutions and experiences as you grow.

  • Visitor Experience solution

    The first impression counts

    Invite visitors and activate the services needed to make it easier for you to connect with your visitor. Once invited your visitor is empowered to e.g. dynamically access spaces, parking, get food and drink, internet access, and book a room or space to collaborate. Minutes saved. Their experience journey is defined by you.

    • Multi-tenant/Multi-views for Front-desk, Host and security
    • Fully Branded Visitor and Flexible Employee Journeys based on profiles
    • Corporate access care and security
    • On-demand provision of services such as Internet, Access Control, Parking, and Corporate Catering
  • LOOP

    The always connected multi-functional card

    Our LOOP app offers a virtual wallet for Identification, Access credentials, and Payment. Providing a modern Access for Life solution complimentary to the RFID physical badge. Developed to support multiple card readers, virtual credentials, and designed for mobile and dynamic provisioning of spaces.

    • Easy to use User App in iOS and Android
    • Out-of-the-box intelligent Web application for Providers, Partners and Customers for the creation, payment, and deployment of credentials
    • Fully customer branded and localized
    • Additional Security such as corporate single sign On and biometrics
    • Includes Corporate closed Payment solutions for company catering and restaurants
  • Payment


    any2any is the innovation partner of DallmayrPay for mobile closed payment solutions. Enabling touchless Tap&Pay for work and leisure environments who demand a reliable, online/offline, affordable, and fast payment solution to cater for their visitors, employees, and customers.

    • Complete mobile corporate on-boarding (Single sign on)
    • Fully supported and secure Vending and catering solution
    • In-app charging of the card using all know payment types (e.g visa, mastercard, applepay, googlepay)
    • Fully branded and customized for Visitors, employees, and special user group
    • Invoice & Payroll payment support
  • Parking

    Smart Parking Solutions

    A secure and intelligent parking solutions for residential and corporates. Offers easy and new ways of monetizing and accessing parking spaces for inner-city parking or corporates. Offered as a stand-alone, integrated, or as API to blend into the experience journey.

    • Multi-Vendor Agnostic solution for new or retro-fit requirements
    • Blend of cloud-based access solutions, CCTV, and Visitor technologies
    • Easy to find available parking spaces, book, pay, and get access to residential or corporate parking
    • Fully customer branded and easily accessible without having to download an app
    • Tap to open. Click to open. Number plate recognition. QR Code open. Remote open
  • Residential

    Residential Solutions

    any2any is an innovation partner for dormakaba in creating cloud-based residential access solutions. A full integrated solution for property owners and providers who see the building as a platform that can add eco-system partners to create better experiences for tenants.

    • Easy to use, efficient and smart management of apartments, co-living, and co-working spaces
    • Processes to support tenant change, access for facilities and services, and parking
    • Easy to rent spaces with dynamic access
    • Online and offline capabilities for apartments, parking, events rooms, wash rooms and rented areas
    • Open architecture for onboard new services e.g. digital post boxes, delivery services
    • Can be deployed during construction phase
  • Integration

    Integration with your corporate infrastructure

    We are passionate in offering our customers a choice of technologies and partners based on the best possible solution for the user journey. Talk to us if wish to partner.

Our Partners

The any2any eco-system gives our customers greater choice through our growing list of partners and technologies.

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