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We translate any technology and any service into
Secure Connected Experiences

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Allan Chester
Founder and CEO any2any

Our platform

We translate any technology and any service into Secure Connected Experiences

Our products

Tailor-made experiences based on our components and 3rd party integrations

  • Access

    Liquid Access

    Access remains one of the biggest frictions and is one of the most important ingredients to create secure connected experiences. Access needs to be dynamic, multi-vendor and embedded into user experience flows.

    • Multiple security and access control provider support
    • RFID access cards
    • PIN-codes
    • Wi-Fi
    • Lockers, doors and parking Barriers
    • Digital locks (online & offline functionality)
  • Booking

    Working Solutions

    Our any2any platform brings benefits for corporates, secure spaces, real estate, human resources, branding and digitisation initiatives offering opportunities for flexible working spaces to cater for the large enterprise.

    • Combined solution of all any2any services
    • Providing 24/7 availability
    • Any asset type (e.g. rooms, vehicles, parking spaces, etc.)
    • Link bookings with additional services
    • Access to location and Wi-Fi
    • Create secure and authenticated spaces
    • New ways to monetise space
    • iBeacon and sensor support
    • Calendar triggers for bookings
    • Multi-tenant branding and support
    • Digital signage
  • Parking

    Smart Parking

    • Easily integrated into the visitor experience
    • Providing 24/7 availability
    • Link parking with additional services
    • Access to parking barriers (where supported)
    • Licence plate recognition
    • Security guard booking view
    • Digital signage
  • Payment

    Open and closed payment

    Monetize your assets (e.g. parking spaces, meeting rooms, etc.), choose dynamic prices and allow payment with any open payment provider (e.g. credit card, Paypal, etc.).

    Increase transactions and create spaces for people to find connection and community by using Dallmayr Pay, a closed payment ecosystem offer seen in corporates.

    • Easy to use "Tap and Pay"
    • Fast and secure payment
    • Real-time transactions and balance
    • Streamlining store operations
  • Visitors

    Visitor Experience Management

    • Link with additional services
    • Notify host about status changes
    • Provision parking access for visitors
    • Invite for food and drinks
    • Allow Wi-Fi or physical access
    • Concierge management view
    • Badge printing
  • Authentication

    Multi-factor Security & Verification

    Ensure only authorized access to locations and services.

    • Face recognition
    • Identity verification
    • "Liveness" detection
    • Fingerprint sensors
    • Age verification
  • Integration

    Integration with Your Internal Systems

    We will integrate any in-house system providing an API to give you the tailor-made solution you need.

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